Cindy's Story

Pacific Crest Trail,  Washington, USA

Pacific Crest Trail, Washington, USA

     In 2014, I travelled about 500 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail with a very dear friend of mine, Cindy Sinclair.  Along with her husband, Kirk, and children, friends, and acquaintances, we supported her in an attempt to complete the entire PCT.  This was a daunting task, considering Cindy suffered from, and continues to deal with, early onset, advanced Alzheimers disease.  There were significant challenges to overcome, but they were offset in many ways, none more important than the commitment we had to contribute to Cindy's desires and dreams. After all, for a woman that has raised three kids, completed the Appalachian Trail, was the first woman to be recognized for completing the Continental Divide Trail in a single attempt, and also completed the America's Discovery Trail (ocean-to-ocean) in a single attempt over one year, what more fitting way could we say we loved, and continue to love, her?

     If you would like more information about Kirk and Cindy's life together, and the challenges and triumphs of dealing with such a debilitating handicap, please check out their website at:

The Humanity Hiker

Cindy and her "crew".

  • 2014 PCT, Oregon, USA
  • Pacific Crest Trail, Oregon, USA

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