Loveland National Ski Patrol

I am a volunteer member of the Loveland National Ski Patrol at Loveland Ski Area just west of Georgetown, Colorado, and right under the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains.  It is my one "job", if you will, with the lowest pay (remember, I'm a volunteer), longest commute (I live outside of Boulder, CO), and some of the hardest, most badass work I've ever done (sometimes even helping to save someone's life) - 

AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

LNSP OET training.
Loveland Ski Patrol

A strong desire to serve other people is absolutely a number one qualification for this position, along with a passion for sharing and a commitment to doing the best work you can.  Oh, and you also get to ski a lot (what a deal!).If this kind of experience draws your attention, and you would like to participate, we would love to have you join us.  Check us out at:

The Loveland Ski Patrol

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